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We are a Content Marketing Agency committed to excellence. is co-founded by JD Bhatala. With about 15 years of hands-on experience in content marketing, SEO and content writing, JD is probably one of the most experienced content writers around.

The story starts back in 2008 when JD Bhatala, our co-founder, discovered his passion for SEO and content writing.

He quickly realized Digital Marketing is the way to go. That Online marketing will challenge the monopoly of a handful of big companies and provide a platform where even small players and individual entrepreneurs can make their way. And that will accelerate the demand for quality content and the skilled content marketers.

Turns out that his instinct was correct.

Today, millions of entrepreneurs are thriving online through digital advertising. There are bloggers, ecommerce startups, SaaS companies, creative people like designers, writers, programmers, consultants, and other professionals making fortunes. This has fueled the demand for online content and is still growing at a tremendous rate.

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– Last Updated: January 2021


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