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TikTok Statistics – Everything You Need to Know [2023 Update]

TikTok Statistics

TikTok statistics 2023: The fascinating and jaw-dropping stats about the fastest-growing video-sharing social media application of all time.

TikTok is now available in over 155 countries (and in 75 most spoken languages worldwide).

TikTok has over 1.5 billion active users and has been downloaded over 3.6 billion times.

TikTok has almost one-third of all social media users. Where it took Facebook and Instagram almost a decade to get a user base that size, TikTok reached there in less than four short years.

All this makes TikTok the most popular social media platform at the moment.

So, if your target audience is 13 to 60 years old, then you cannot afford not to be on TikTok.

Why? For obvious reasons.

And if you are not convinced by the above figures, then let us dive into some more TikTok user statistics that you will find fascinating.

A) TikTok Statistics 2023 (Top Picks)

TikTok Active Users Statistics:

In early 2020, TikTok had 800 million monthly active users.
TikTok crossed the 1 billion monthly active users mark in September 2021.
TikTok had 1.2 billion monthly active users (MAU) in Q4 2021.
TikTok was the most popular app in 2022.
TikTok currently has 1.6 billion monthly active users (as of December 2022).

TikTok Statistics – Market Penetration:

More than 21% of the world’s 5 billion internet users are on TikTok.

TikTok Statistics: Number of Downloads:

TikTok has been downloaded 3.6 billion times so far.

Like in 2021, TikTok remained the most downloaded app in 2022 as well.

According to a report by Sensor Tower, TikTok was downloaded more than 176 million times during the first quarter of 2022. With 151 million downloads, Instagram was the second most downloaded app during that time.

Overtaking Competition

TikTok is the 5th most used social media app in the world.

Considering that it was only released to an international audience in 2017 (2016 in China), TikTok’s rise has been phenomenal.

TikTok Statistics: TikTok’s Userbase

Over the years, TikTok has seen an explosive user growth rate and the growth has been pretty consistent.

TikTok has grown its global user base by over 1000% between 2018 and 2020.

According to Statista, at the end of 2021, TikTok had over 1 billion active users globally which is a 45% user growth compared to the year 2020.

At the end of Q4 2021, TikTok had 1.2 billion MAU. Some reports estimate that by the end of 2022, TikTok’s user base will reach 1.8 billion.

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TikTok User Engagement

TikTok is a notoriously engaging social app.

It is the most engaging social platform, with the average daily time spent on TikTok in 2022 being 38 minutes (19 hours per month). Which is far more than Facebook’s 31 minutes and Instagram’s 29 minutes.

As if this weren’t enough, reports suggest that kids spend an average of 75 minutes a day on TikTok, making it the most popular social media platform among children.

Consumer Spend

As per reports, TikTok is ranked #1 among all apps (including gaming apps) by consumer spending during the first quarter of 2022.

TikTok surpassed $840 million in consumer spending worldwide, becoming the first app to beat “the game” in consumer spending.

TikTok Statistics: Company Valuation

ByteDance (TikTok’s parent company) is valued at US $320 billion in April 2022.

In Q3 2022, trades in the private-equity secondary market valued the company at $300 billion. Last year, the company was valued at around $400 billion.

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TikTok User Demographics (Age & Gender)

The majority of TikTok users are young.

As of April 2022:

TikTok’s global users consist of 24% of females and 18% of males between 18 and 24 years.

17% of female and 14% of male users were between 25 and 34 years old.

TikTok’s U.S. Audience

In 2020, there were 66.5 million monthly active users (MAU) on TikTok in the United States.

In 2021, this figure reaches 79 million.

By June 2022, the number of monthly active users had crossed 80 million. Of these, 60% are females and 40% are males.

60% of all US users are between the ages of 16-24 and 26% of them are between the ages of 25-44.

By the end of 2022, it is estimated that the number of monthly active users of TikTok in the US will cross the 85 million mark.

B) TikTok Monthly Active Users

How Many People Use TikTok?

According to TikTok’s official blog, by September 2021, they had crossed the mark of 1 billion monthly active users.

These figures undoubtedly make TikTok one of the fastest-growing apps. But the figures are from September 2021. Now we are ready to welcome 2023 and a lot has changed during these 5 quarters.

So, what are the current numbers?

TikTok Monthly Active Users (as of June 2022)

As per various reports, TikTok currently has 1.6 billion monthly active users (MAU). And the app is set to cross 2 billion monthly active users by the first quarter of 2023.

Even if we consider the last official figures, TikTok’s growth has been rapid – with a jump of almost 45% from July 2020, when it had only 700 million users.

This calculates to:

Out of 5 billion internet users worldwide, 32% use TikTok.

Out of 4.55 billion active social media users globally, over 35% use TikTok regularly.

Global TikTok User Penetration Statistics

Let’s check the country-wise TikTok users currently.

Top 10 countries by TikTok users in 2022

1. The United States of America: 141 million users
2. Indonesia: 101 million users
3. Brazil: 76 million users
4. Russia: 53.5 million users
5. Mexico: 52 million users
6. Vietnam: 47 million users
7. Philippines: 42 million users
8. Thailand: 40.6 million users
9. Turkey: 29.8 million users
10. Pakistan: 25.1 million users

These are the top 10 countries with the largest number of TikTok users as of December 2022.

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TikTok’s Global Audience, By Age Group (As Of April 2022)

April 2022 data shows that TikTok has more female users than males.

Where around 57% of TikTok global users were female, only a little over 36% were male. Of these 57 % women users, nearly a quarter was between the ages of 18 and 24. While only 18% of men in the same age group were using the platform.

TikTok’s Female Global Audience, By Age Group:

18-24 – 23.8%
25-34 – 17.1%
35-44 – 7.2%
45-54 – 3.7%
55+ – 2.4%

TikTok’s Male Global Audience, By Age Group:

18-24 –17.9%
25-34 – 13.9%
35-44 – 6.1%
45-54 – 3%
55+ – 1.7%

How Many Americans Use TikTok?

How many TikTok users are there in the United States?

TikTok’s U.S. Market Penetration and Monthly Active Users (MAU)

January 2018: 11.3 million
February 2019: 27 million
October 2019: 40 million
June 2020: 92 million
August 2020: over 100 million
April 2022: 137 million
December 2022: 141 million

The above figures show that the number of TikTok users in the US grew by around 1200% between January 2018 and December 2022.

37.36% of America’s 267.6 million mobile Internet users use TikTok at least once a month.

TikTok has over 70 million daily active users and over 141 million monthly active users in the United States.

TikTok’s Gen Z penetration is highest in the US, where nearly 40% use the social media app at least once per month.

TikTok ranked second in terms of daily engagement. On average, US adult users spent 33 minutes per day on TikTok compared to 35 minutes on Facebook.

Year-over-year distribution of monthly active TikTok users (MAU) by age group in the United States

The percentage of U.S.-based TikTok users by age (as of June 2020):

10-19 – 32.5%
20-29 – 29.5%
30-39 – 16.4%
40-49 – 13.9%
50+ – 7.1%

The percentage of U.S.-based TikTok users by age (as of September 2021):

10-19 – 25%
20-29 – 22.4%
30-39 – 21.7%
40-49 – 20.3%
50+ – 11.1%

The percentage of U.S.-based TikTok users by age (as of April 2022):

Below 12 — 2.5%
12-17 — 17.7%
18-24 – 23.9%
25-34 – 25.2%
35-44 – 17.1%
45-54 – 6.7%
55+ – 7%

The figures above show, as of April 2022, nearly half of (over 49%) TikTok users in the United States were between the ages of 18 and 34.

Further, nearly 25% of TikTok users in the United States were between the ages of 35 and 54.

Does this mean the TikTok userbase is aging up?

Social Media User Statistics of the United States in 2022

Total population of the US: 334 million
Number of Internet users: 308 million
Active social media users: 271 million
No. of Mobile Internet users: 277 million

What Social Media Platforms Do Americans Use Regularly?

In the US, 39% of social media users use TikTok regularly. For comparison, the figure for Facebook and Instagram is 78% and 54%, respectively.

Social Network Usage by Brand in the U.S. in 2022

Social Platforms — Usage Penetration %

Facebook 78%
YouTube 68%
Instagram 54%
TikTok 39%
Snapchat 33%
Twitter 31%
Pinterest 30%
LinkedIn 21%
Reddit 17%
Twitch 10%

(C) Worldwide TikTok Download Statistics:

How Many Downloads/Installs Does TikTok Have?

Several research data reveal that:

TikTok has been downloaded over 3.6 billion times.
TikTok is the fifth app that surpassed 3 billion all-time downloads.
TikTok is the first non-Facebook (Meta) app to cross the 3 billion installs threshold.
TikTok was the most downloaded app worldwide in the first quarter of 2022.
No app has been downloaded more than TikTok since 2018.

TikTok Downloads Year After Year

Year Number of Downloads
2016 68 million
2017 132 million
2018 657 million
2019 693 million
2020 850 million
2021 656 million
2022 (Q1) 188 million

TikTok Cumulative Downloads (2017 to 2021) (Mm)

Year Downloads (mm)
2017 68
2018 200
2019 857
2020 1579
2021 2560
2022 3301

TikTok Downloads by Country/Region

Which country downloaded TikTok most?

TikTok & Douyin is now available in over 154 countries (and 75 different languages).

According to recent industry estimates, the top 10 countries that downloaded TikTok from Google Play Store in January 2022 are:

Rank Country Downloads

1 Mexico 3 Million +
2 United States 2.7 Million
3 Nigeria 1.8 Million
4 Brazil 1.5 Million
5 Russia 1.4 Million
6 Pakistan 1.3 Million
7 United Kingdoms 0.87 Million
8 Turkey 0.83 Million
9 Saudi Arabia 0.82 Million
10 Germany 0.75 Million

The fact to note: Google Play store has generated 75.5% of total TikTok downloads. The App Store, meanwhile, accounted for the remaining 24.5 percent of TikTok downloads.

Earlier, India was the #1 country for TikTok installs. Which are the second and third countries for TikTok downloads?

Top 3 Countries by TikTok Downloads

#1. India: India was the biggest contributor with 611 million TikTok installs. In fact, before the Indian government banned TikTok on June 29, 2020, almost a third of all smartphone users in India were using the app.

#2. China: With 196.6 million TikTok installs, China was the No. 2 country, where it’s known as Douyin.

#3. United States: The United States was the third country with 165 million installs.

Top Most Downloaded Apps of 2021 (Worldwide)

Rank App downloads Category

1 TikTok 656 million Entertainment
2 Instagram 545 million Photos and video
3 Facebook 416 million Social networking
4 WhatsApp 395 million Messaging
5 Telegram 329 million Messaging
6 Snapchat 327 million Photos and video
7 Zoom 300 million video conferencing
8 Messenger 268 million Messaging
9 CapCut 255 million Photo and video
10 Spotify 203 million Music

As we can see, the majority of the top 10 most downloaded apps were social media platforms.
Four of the top 10 apps are owned by Meta and two are owned by ByteDance.

Most Downloaded Apps of All Time Globally [2023 List]

YouTube – 10 billion+
WhatsApp – 6 billion+
Facebook Messenger – 5.5 billion
Facebook – 5.4 billion
Instagram – 3.5 billion
TikTok – 3.5 billion
Snapchat – 2+ billion
SHAREit – 1.8 billion
Subway Surfers – 1.6 billion
UC Browser – 1.5 billion

Top 10 Globally Most Downloaded Apps (of the past decade) [2023 List]

1 – Facebook: 5 billion – Facebook is the #1 most downloaded app in the last 10 years. Facebook is the only non-Google Android app to exceed 5 billion installs

2- Messenger – 4.4 billion – Another messaging service owned by Meta is the second most downloaded app with 4.4 billion downloads.

3 – WhatsApp – 4.3 billion- The encrypted messaging service by Meta is the #3 most downloaded with 4.3 billion installs.

4 – TikTok – 3.5 billion – TikTok is one of the newest entries on the list, as it was only released in the US in 2018, but it has already been downloaded 3.5 billion times, according to App Annie.

5 – Instagram – 2.7 billion: The #4 most downloaded app is Instagram. It has 2.7 billion downloads

6 – Snapchat – 1.5 billion – With over 1.5 billion installs, Snapchat is the fifth most downloaded app and the only non-Meta app in the top five.

7 – Skype – 1.3 billion – The Video-calling app Skype is the sixth most downloaded app with 1.3 billion installs.

8 – UC Browser – Chinese Internet giant Alibaba’s UC Browser was downloaded 1.3 billion times, and in some parts of Asia the browser is more popular than Google Chrome.

9 – YouTube – 1.3 billion – YouTube was downloaded 1.3 billion times during the period. Launched on February 14, 2005, YouTube is the most downloaded app with over 10 billion total installs so far.

10- Twitter – 1 billion-plus – Launched in 2006, Twitter has had over one billion downloads over the decade.

Meta (formerly Facebook), owns the top five mobile apps worldwide, with WhatsApp, Messenger, Facebook, and Instagram seeing the highest cumulative downloads between Q1 2014 and Q3 2021.


TikTok Statistics: A Brief Background

Along with the TikTok statistics, here is a brief background of the app.

TikTok, aka Douyin (in its home market, China), is a short-form video-sharing platform. The app was launched in September 2016.

The following year, ByteDance, TikTok’s parent company, launched its international version.

Though TikTok was originally launched as a short-form video platform, especially for lip-syncing and dancing videos, today TikTok has transformed into a fully-fledged video-sharing service.

In 2022, you can find video content for all types of viewers. TikTok uses an AI platform that identifies users’ interests and feeds them relevant videos.

Though ByteDance has had other popular apps in the past, TikTok is the first Chinese app that has wildly succeeded overseas market.

TikTok hit the international markets after it acquired in November 2017 for a whopping $1 billion.

At the time of acquisition, had over 80 million users, most of them from the US.

It allowed TikTok to establish itself internationally. Since then, TikTok has remained the most popular social app among users.

Sources: TikTok Newsroom, Apptopia Blog, Times of India, DatarePortal, Statista, Yahoo Finance, Reuters, and many more…

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