It’s not easy to find a perfect domain name that is unique and brand-able. This guide will help you get a smart blog domain name that reflects your business and/or personality.

So you have got the blog idea and selected the right niche to start a new blog.

Great, now it’s time to find the most suitable domain name for your blog.

You may have concerns like, how to choose a suitable domain name for your new blog, where to buy it from, how much does it cost, is there a way to save on domain names, etc.

What if I tell you, you can pick a domain name of your choice for free 🙂

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What is a Domain Name?

Consider like this, just as your home or office address, you need an online address before you start a blog or website.

If someone were to meet you face to face, what would they do? Simple, they’ll find the address and visit your location.

Similarly, what do people do when they want to visit your blog?

They type your ‘blog name’ in the browser URL bar or simply search your brand name or niche topic on Google, or any other search engine.

In both cases, you need a unique name (address) for your blog.

So, a domain name is a unique name that gives you an exclusive identity/address on the internet.

It has two main components – website name and extension. For instance, the domain name of this blog is It has two elements – ‘WebContentEdge’ (site’s name) and ‘.com’ domain name extension.

What Makes a Domain Name Perfect?

An ideal domain name should be:

  • Easy to remember
  • Reflect your business and/or personality
  • ‘.com’ extension

How to Find the ‘Perfect Domain Name’ for Your Blog?

Finding a perfect domain name could be a hassle. It’s not easy to come up with catchy blog name ideas that match your business. Primarily because:

First, most of the topic relevant, short, and brandable domain names such as ‘’, ‘’, ‘’, ‘’ etc. are already taken.

Second, certain available domain names, that are otherwise suitable, may have been abused by spammers in the past, and are penalized by Google.

Don’t fret, there are some smart ways to find a blog domain name. Below are some tips that you can use while buying a domain name.

Tips to Find a Perfect Domain Name

1. Easy to Remember: Your domain name should be short, unique, and catchy. Short, unique names are easy to remember.

2. Reflect Your Personality: It could be your niche, topic, or your business. For instance, if your blog is about home & garden, would be perfect.

3. Preferably ‘.com’ Extension: ‘.com’ is the most established domain name extension. It is easy to remember as well. If .com is not available, go for .net, .org as second option. But avoid extensions like .pizza, .ninja etc. at all cost.

4. Avoid Numbers and Hyphens: Use of numbers and hyphens make it hard to remember.’ is better than ‘’ or ‘101HomeGradenIdeasforYou’.

5. Choose a Brandable Domain Name: If for some reason, you cannot find a keyword-focused domain name, make it brandable. For example, is far better than

6. Use Domain Name Generator Tools for Ideas: Searching for a domain name manually could be a time-consuming task. There are hundreds of domain name generator tools out there. Most of them are free. Use them. It is the smart way to find tons of domain name ideas in no time.

7. Act Now: Good domain names are in huge demand. You need to act quickly before it’s gone forever. Buy your domain immediately.

Where to Buy a Domain Name?

There are thousands of domain registrars out there. However, you need to be careful. Not all companies are the same. Some offer domain registration only. You need to buy hosting from a different provider.
It is neither cost-efficient nor convenient.

Get a Domain Name (for Free) – The better way is to purchase a domain name and hosting from the same provider. Hosing companies such as Bluehost and HostGator offer a free domain with their hosting plans. You save anywhere from $10 to $25. As you are just starting out, even small savings matter.

Got the nice, brandable domain name for your new blog? It’s time to ‘Choose the Right Blogging Platform for Your Blog’ – which is the topic of the next post.


JD Bhatala

By JD Bhatala

JD Bhatala is a Content Marketing Strategist with over 15 years of experience. He is the co-founder of Web Content Edge where he helps online businesses gain visibility and increase traffic, leads, and sales. Catch him online at Twitter or LinkedIn.