Looking for the best web hosting affiliate programs that pay decent commissions? In this article we have reviewed and compared 30+ most popular and reliable hosting affiliate networks. So, let us see which web hosting affiliate programs you should join this year and why?

There are hundreds of hosting providers to choose from. Web hosting is a lucrative business. Hence, there is tough competition among the providers.

To deal with their competitors and acquire new customers, web hosting companies employ a variety of strategies. Affiliate marketing is one of them.

As I mentioned above, the hosting business is very lucrative and the competition is very high. That’s why hosting companies are sometimes ready to pay commissions as high as 300% of their plan price in exchange for a new customer.

And that’s when things get interesting. Affiliate marketers take advantage of this and generate lucrative income, sometimes in millions.

So, if you are a blogger (or an affiliate marketer) and looking for a new income stream for your blog, then this article is for you.

TL;DR: Want to jump straight to the answer? The most profitable web hosting affiliate programs for most bloggers are definitely Bluehost (for affordable hosting) and WP Engine (for high-end WP hosting).

Almost all web hosting providers run some kind of affiliate marketing program. However, these programs differ in eligibility criteria, the application process, commission type & its rates, cookie life, payment threshold, payment modes, payment cycle, withholding period, etc.

This makes it difficult to choose the right hosting affiliate program.

But no worries.

We have researched hundreds of hosting affiliate programs out there. We’ve worked with many of them in the past (still working with some). Based on the experience and the research data, we have compiled the list of the best programs for you.

Let’s discuss them one by one:

Best Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

best hosting affiliate programs bluehost

#1. Bluehost Hosting Affiliate Program

Bluehost is recommended by WordPress itself. They offer reliable yet affordable WordPress hosting solutions. They are very popular among bloggers and affiliate marketers and convert like crazy.

Commission Rate: $65 – $200 per sale
Cookie Duration: 90 Days
Join Bluehost Affiliate Program

#2. DreamHost Hosting Affiliate Program

DreamHost is one of the oldest web hosting providers. They offer affordable and reliable hosting solutions. Join this award-winning web hosting company to earn up to $200 per referral!

Commission Rate: Up to $250 per sale
Cookie Duration: 60 Days
Join DreamHost Affiliate Program

#3. HostGator Hosting Affiliate Program

HostGator offers shared, VPS, and dedicated web hosting. It’s affordable and best for beginners. HostGator offers one of the highest referral commissions in the industry.

Commission Rate: $65 – $125 per sale
Cookie Duration: 60 Days
Join HostGator Affiliate Program

#4. Kinsta Hosting Affiliate Program

Kinsta offers one of the best Managed-WordPress hosting services. Earn up to $500 for every signup you refer, plus a 10% monthly recurring commission for the lifetime of the customer you referred.

Commission Rate: $50-$500 initial payouts + 10% recurring
Cookie Duration: 60 Days
Join Kinsta Affiliate Program

#5. WP Engine Hosting Affiliate Program

best hosting affiliate programs wp engine

WP Engine is best known for its world-class WordPress managed hosting services. Cash in their reputation to earn $200 to $7,500 per signup (depending on the plans).

Commission Rate: earn $200 to $7,500 per sale
Cookie Duration: 180 Days
Join WP Engine Affiliate Program

#6. Hostinger Hosting Affiliate Program

Hostinger is yet another affordable web hosting provider. They also run one of the best hosting affiliate programs. They offer generous 60% commissions to affiliates. So, promote them, and earn up to $150 per qualified purchase.

Commission Rate: 60% per sale
Cookie Duration: 30 Days
Join Hostinger Affiliate Program

#7. WPX Hosting Affiliate Program

best hosting affiliate programs WPX

WPX hosting is a highly reputed web hosting provider. Their managed WordPress hosting is known for its outstanding performance. They claim to be the world’s fastest WordPress hosting service.

Their services include lightning-fast CDN, malware removal, and speed optimization – everything absolutely free.
WPX also run a very popular hosting affiliate program. Promote WPX hosting plans and earn up to $100 per lead!

Commission Rate: Up to $100 per sale
Cookie Duration: 60 Days
Join WPX Hosting Affiliate Program

#8. Media Temple Hosting Affiliate Program

Media Temple web hosting is popular among internet marketers. They provide premium web hosting and cloud hosting services. You can join them through CJ Affiliate.

Commission Rate: Highest commission (TBC)
Cookie Duration: 45 Days
Join Media Temple Affiliate Program

#9. SiteGround Hosting Affiliate Program

SiteGround web hosting is known for its top speed and unmatched security. SiteGround runs an affiliate-friendly referral program. They offer top commissions and weekly payouts with no minimum payout thresholds.

Commission Rate: $50 – $125 per sale
Cookie Duration: 30 Days
Join SiteGround Affiliate Program

#10. Cloudways Hosting Affiliate Program

Cloudways provides managed cloud hosting to businesses. Their hosting platform focuses on speed and performance. With 24/7 expert support, Cloudways guarantees a hassle-free hosting experience.

Cloudways runs a solid hosting affiliate program that pays a relatively modest commission ($50) but a very long (90 days) cookie life. They have a flexible commission payout scheme – one-time and recurring.

Commission Rate:
One-time: Earn up to $125 per sale
Recurring: Earn $30 per sale + 7% lifetime recurring
Cookie Duration: 90 days
Join Cloudways Affiliate Program

#11. A2 Hosting Affiliate Program

A2 Hosting is best known for its superfast hosting services. With a 1-second load time, they take pride in offering ‘optimized hosting’ which is up to 20x faster than their competitors.

Commission Rate: $55 – $125 per sale, second tier commission: $5/new customer
Cookie Duration: 90 Days
Join A2 Hosting Affiliate Program

#12. GoDaddy Hosting Affiliate Program

best web hosting affiliate programs godaddy

GoDaddy is the world’s #1 domain name registrar. They offer domain registration, website builders, and web hosting services. GoDaddy pays a one-time 10% – 15% commission rate for all of their services.

Commission Rate: 10% – 15% per sale
Cookie Duration: 45 Days
Join GoDaddy Affiliate Program

#13. FatCow Hosting Affiliate Program

FatCow is an affordable website hosting provider. Their hosting features are great. FatCow hosting offers excellent server performance, great uptime, and timely support — at an unbeatable price.

Commission Rate: Up to $65 per sign up
Cookie Duration: (TBC)
Join FatCow Affiliate Program

#14. JixHost Hosting Affiliate Program

JixHost offers extremely reliable web hosting services at a competitive price. Their comprehensive web hosting services are backed by a competent support team. JixHost pays a 20% recurring commission to its affiliates.

Commission Rate: 20% recurring
Cookie Duration: (TBC)
Join JixHost Affiliate Program

#15. Nestify Hosting Affiliate Program

Nestify’s managed WordPress hosting is powered by Amazon AWS that guarantees great site speed. Their hosting is used by Fortune 500 companies including Walmart and Berkeley.

Commission Rate: $50 signup bonus plus monthly recurring
Cookie Duration: (TBC)
Join Nestify Affiliate Program

#16. VirMach Hosting Affiliate Program

VirMach specializes in providing cloud web hosting. Their Linux and Windows hosting services are extremely affordable and have data centers around the world.

Commission Rate: 10 to 50% recurring
Cookie Duration: (TBC)
Join VirMach Affiliate Program

#17. GreenGeeks Hosting Affiliate Program

GreenGeeks offers faster and secure web hosting solutions. They claim to be an eco-friendly hosting company. Multiple hosting options to choose from.

Commission Rate: Up to $100 per sale
Cookie Duration: 30 Days
Join GreenGeeks Affiliate Program

#18. LiquidWeb Hosting Affiliate Program

Liquid Web is the leader in managed web hosting space. They are known for feature-packed plans — superior uptime and excellent support. Liquid Web runs a very popular affiliate program and pays 150% of the referral sale. $150 is the minimum, which can go up to $5,000 per sale.

Commission Rate: 150% (up to $5000) per sale
Cookie Duration: 90 Days
Join Liquid Web Affiliate Program

#19. Namecheap Hosting Affiliate Program

best hosting affiliate programs Namecheap

As the name suggests, Namecheap is one of the biggest domain name registrars. They also provide affordable hosting, SSL Certificates, and email services. Earn up to 35% commission per sale. They also run a popular web hosting affiliate program. Namecheap Affiliate Program is available on Impact.

Commission Rate: 35% per referral
Cookie Duration: 30 Days
Join Namecheap Affiliate Program

#20. RoseHosting Hosting Affiliate Program

RoseHosting provides fully managed cloud hosting solutions. They offer ultra-fast VPS hosting with awesome 99.99% uptime.

RoseHosting has two types of affiliate programs: VPS affiliate program and CPA hosting affiliate program. Earn 10-15% recurring commission or $50 to $500 one-time commission per customer you refer.

Commission Rate:
VPS affiliate program: 10% to 15% recurring plus bonuses
CPA model: $50 to $500 per sale
Cookie Duration: (TBC)
Join RoseHosting Affiliate Program

#21. BionicWP Hosting Affiliate Program

BionicWP provides managed WordPress hosting. Their USPs are speed, security, backups, and support. Promote BionicWP hosting to earn generous $75 plus 12.5% recurring commissions for each referral.

Commission Rate: $75 + 12.5% recurring commission for 2 years
Cookie Duration: 60 Days
Join BionicWP Affiliate Program

#22. WireNine Hosting Affiliate Program

WireNine provides high-performance WordPress hosting. Their managed WordPress hosting is fast, secure, and scalable. WireNine hosting services come with a 60-day money-back guarantee. Promote WireNine hosting plans to earn up to $100 per qualified referral.

Commission Rate: $50 – $100 per sale
Cookie Duration: 90 Days
Join WireNine Affiliate Program

#23. Fused Hosting Affiliate Program

Fused provides hosting for small and medium-sized businesses. Their hosting services are known for high performance and quick support. Fused web hosting affiliate program offers $100+ per referral plus bonuses.

Commission Rate: $100 per referral plus bonus
Cookie Duration: (TBC)
Join Fused Affiliate Program

#24. Flywheel Hosting Affiliate Program

Flywheel is owned by WP Engine. They provide managed WordPress hosting solutions for designers and agencies. Flywheel offers up to $500 commission for every referral!

Commission Rate: 300% of the first month’s payment
Cookie Duration: 90 Days
Join Flywheel Affiliate Program

#25. InMotion Hosting Affiliate Program

InMotion Hosting provides premium hosting solutions at affordable prices. Their hosting services are fast and reliable, and therefore are popular among bloggers and small businesses.

InMotion Hosting operates on Linux/Unix servers and offers a risk-free 90-day money-back guarantee.

You can join the InMotion Hosting affiliate program through the Impact Radius network. InMotion Hosting pays up to $120 per lead commission to their affiliates.

Commission Rate: Up to $120 per sale
Cookie Duration: 90-Day
Join InMotion Hosting Affiliate Program

#26. Scala Hosting Affiliate Program

Scala is a reputed hosting provider. They provide shared, WordPress, or managed cloud hosting services. Scala cloud VPS hosting is fast, secured, reliable, and affordable. They claim to be the most affordable VPS hosting service in the world.

Scala web hosting affiliate program offers up to $200 per qualified purchase.

Commission Rate: Up to $200 per sale
Cookie Duration: 60 days
Join Scala Affiliate Program

#27. iPage Hosting Affiliate Program

iPage provides affordable web hosting services. Their services include domains, hosting, emails, SSL certificates, and web design & marketing. They operate on wind power.

iPage hosting runs its affiliate program through Impact Radius. Join the iPage hosting affiliate program and earn up to $150 for each customer you refer!

Commission Rate: $65-$150 per sale
Cookie Duration: 120 Days
Join iPage Affiliate Program

#28. WebHostingPad Hosting Affiliate Program

WebHostingPad provides reliable and secure web hosting solutions at an affordable price. Their web hosting plans include an SSL certificate, Weebly website builder, and a domain – all free.

Their performance is awesome at 99.9% uptime. WebHostingPad hosting is backed by a 30‑day money-back guarantee. WebHostingPad offers modest $50 commission per sale.

Commission Rate: $50 per qualified purchase
Cookie Duration: 30 Days
Join WebHostingPad Affiliate Program

#29. Nexcess Hosting Affiliate Program

Nexcess is a Liquid Web brand. They provide fully managed web hosting solutions for various platforms including WordPress, WooCommerce, Magento, Drupal, BigCommerce, Craft CMS, and ExpressionEngine.

Their slogan is ‘Beyond Hosting’. That means they will go beyond hosting to help website owners grow and scale their online businesses. Nexcess guarantees 99.99% uptime, top-notch security, and great support.

Nexcess hosting affiliate program offers generous commissions to its affiliates. Earn $150 or 150% of the first month’s revenue per referral sale, whichever is higher.

Commission Rate: $150 or 150% per sale (whichever is higher)
Cookie Duration: 90 Days
Join Nexcess Affiliate Program

So, these are the best hosting affiliate programs for you. We’ll update the list as and when new affiliate opportunities arise. Join the most suitable program and start earning affiliate commissions from today itself.

To your blogging success!

JD Bhatala

By JD Bhatala

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